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One of the reasons I got into photography was to document my children as they grow and our lifestyle from a pure perspective.  As a mom, I know how precious this time is.  Even as a child I was fascinated by looking through boxes of photographs and old albums my Mother kept, and it’s my desire to share that with my own children.  I am passionate about printing photos (getting them off Facebook) and using a camera the right way, with you calling the shots and capturing what you envision (which won’t happen in Auto mode) this year.  You’ve spent the money on a DSLR, now’s the time to see what it can do for you and what it can create it when  you’re in control.”  -Nicole

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Satyrday,  January 28; 10 – 2PM
314 St Gabriel Rd, Benton, PA 17814

COST: $125 | Payment is due in full at time of booking to reserve your date)


This is a course for women wanting to learn more about photography, gain some technical knowledge and just have a fun day out with the girls!  If you are a Mamma, Auntie, Sister or Grandmother stuck using your camera in ‘Auto’ mode, and have a desire to take better pictures of your children, surroundings and memories, this course is for you.  Photography enthusiasts that have been shooting for awhile and want a better technical understanding of your camera and why to choose manual settings, this class is for you.  We’ll be talking about photographing children as well as details while practicing with our surroundings.  A DSLR camera is recommended.  If you have any questions about your camera and whether this course might be beneficial for you, please feel free to contact me at nicolemichelledumond@gmail.com (or by submitting the contact form on this site).


  • Easy take-home applications such as looking at light, composition, and discovering what to shoot (things you don’t even need a fancy camera for)
  • aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO (things you need to know to take control of your camera and how to get that blurry background we all love)
  • a gear crash course (with some lenses to try!)
  • shooting practice in a practical indoor setting (we’ll even be taking some shots practicing with a child/children!)
  • takehome materials for reference with everything you learn
  • Facebook group for questions and continuous learning
  • lunch
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Terms and Conditions


Sales are final. Due to the nature of this event, there will be no refunds, unless another party is available to take your reservation.  This course has limited reservations to keep the group small.

Sessions are payable via Debit/Credit card through secure paypal transaction.

Nicole DuMond reserves the right to use the digital negatives for display, publication or other purposes for business and advertisement.

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