Our Philosophy

Wedding planning (and heck... life in general) can be overwhelming at tmies, and there are tons of photographers out there... I get it!  Here at NDP, we do things a bit differently (it's in our nature to march to the beat of our own drum) and want you to have fun with your photography experience with us.  

What's our photography style?  It's joyful.  We are lovers of gorgeous, natural light and we love when our couples value their photography experience enough to let us document the bulk of their portraits during the most beautiful light of the day.  We shoot hybrid, using both film and digital mediums to capture our clients in the most beautiful way possible, so great lighting is a key element in our work.  Our style is inspired by the timeless beauty of film and we never grow tired of getting film scans back from a good lab.  We're hands on kind of people, and the process is part of why we love to do what we do.  

Our hearts sing when we get to be a part of an outdoor wedding.  We love carefully crafted backyard weddings and personal details, the kinds of things that you don't necessarily find on pinterest.  We are suckers for details from the heart and incorporating your history and story into your wedding day in a meaningful way.  We also really love Grandparents (they are the cutest).   

What to Expect

Laughter.  Laughter is our go to method of capturing the love, so you can definitely expect to laugh with us (maybe at us... becuase we are kind of weird).  We take great pride in getting our clients to let loose and live a little.  After all, that's what it's all about!  

Our style is a combination of some posed portraits and a more lifestyle approach, so whether it's a wedding or a session, you'll have those classic mantel portraits combined with some candids.  We believe that combination makes a well rounded gallery and love to deliver that for each client.  

All sessions take place outdoors, either at a location of the clients' choice or on NDP property.  We shoot most sessions on week nights about two hours prior to sunset for the most gorgeous light possible.  

Facts & Questions

Do you carry insurance?

Yes!  We are a fully insured business.  

What should I wear?

You should wear what you are comfortable in and what best represents you.  I typically recommend 2-3 outfits for seniors and engagements.  A general rule of thum is one casual and one more dressy option, and a third if you need it.  

How long will it take for me to receive my images?

Our portrait sessions have a three week turnaround time, and peak wedding season galleries are typically delivered within eight weeks of the wedding day.   

Do you carry backup equipment?

Absolutely.  We use professional equipment and carry multiple backup systems including backup lenses.  Our digital cameras all have dual card slots so that in the event that one memory card might corrupt, there are second copies of each image.  

You talk a lot about natural light. Does this mean you don’t use flash?

Great Question!  We do use flash on and off camera depending on what the situation requires, mainly during the wedding reception.  To ensure we capture your day the best way we know how, we do feel that our use of flash is a requirement to have mastered and we take our responsibilty to document your wedding very seriously!  While we always prefer the look of natural light whenever possible, we work hard to make our flash setups look and feel as natural as possible to fit in with the rest of your gorgeous natural light images that take place earlier in the day.  

Do you shoot indoor weddings?

Although our hearts are truly all about outdoor weddings and weddings with natural elements infused in the day, we do occasionally shoot indoor weddings.  We love greenhouses, barns, tents, backyard affairs and other venues that are geared more toward our light and airy style of photography.  We also love to shoot film, which requires a lot of natural light.  While this is our preference, we still book a fair amount of weddings that are set to take place indoors.  

Do you work with a second shooter?

Sometimes!  It depends on the situation and what the wedding calls for.  

How many images will I receive in my gallery?

This is dependent on quite a few factors, but on average, we typically deliver between 60-100 photos per hour of shooting.  

What kind of props do you use?

Our preference is to not really use any props, unless they are somehow truly meaningful to our clients.  We're not big on pinterest trends (although we realize there are some super cute ideas to be found on there), so we recommend keeping props to a minimum and simple.  We love capturing our clients emotion and connection, and we don't ever need props to do that!  A nice blanket to sit on is something we love to have for a session - that never gets old!  

Do your packages include a print release?

All NDP portrait and wedding offerings currently include a print release.