Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and there are tons of wedding photographers out there…. I get it!  Here at NDP, we like to do things a bit differently (it’s in our nature to march to the beat of our own drum) and want you to have fun with your wedding photography experience, not dread it.  


Hi I’m Nicole!  I’m the brains behind NDP and a former Designer turned Wedding Photographer.  My years in art school taught me many lessons on color & composition, and I love that I’m able to blend my background in design with photography to craft a story of your day through a photography experience.  My business is a huge part of my life, and my goal is to serve my brides as so much more than just a photographer.  


What’s my wedding photography style?  It’s Raw, Authentic, and Joyful.  I act like a giant kid on most days which is my secret to getting you and your handsome groom to have fun with your wedding day portraits…. Shh!  We’ll get through this crazy wedding planning experience together, and you’re going to have some pretty amazing images to prove it.

Oh, you want more?  Tell me about your Dream Wedding and how I might fit into your day.

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Stillwater, Pennsylvania

Nicole’s home base is located in the rolling hills of Stillwater, Pennsylvania, sort of smack dab in the middle of Bloomsburg and Wilkes-Barre and nowhere.  She lives and loves with her husband, two children on a little slice of heavenly countryside with a barn where the wild things are (ok, more like chickens, goats, and horses). Nicole often books engagement sessions on and around her property which boasts some pretty great views and lots of pretty wildflowers (probably lots of weeds, too) throughout the summer months.  Nicole is currently booking 2018 weddings in Pennsylvania, but she also loves to travel!